A Little Slice of Happiness

Happiness makes to world go round. And so does cake. And pie. And pastries. And, and, and…

For us, baking is our world. We live, breathe, sleep and [best of all] eat it! Wrapped up in this world is a pesky autoimmunine disease known as coeliac disease, which means that everything we bake is gluten-free.

We sometimes bake without dairy-containing ingredients (and less-so, eggs) because we know there are many people who have lactose/dairy/egg intolerance/allergies and/or have made a personal moral and ethical decision to follow a vegan diet.

And we continually push the boundaries of our baking abilities because we know that a lot of these people still love to eat freshly baked sweet and savoury treats.

The Little Bakery of Happiness is about creating little slices of happiness that coeliacs can be reassured are safe for them to eat but are exactly what people who don’t have to think about what they eat want to eat, too.  It is about inclusive eating. And happy, shared food experiences.

We look forward to baking you happy some time soon.

xx Millie, Marcus, Milo, Maddy and Me xx