• RECIPE: Gluten-Free Black Forest Gâteau

    Gluten-free black forest gateau recipe

    The Black Forest gateau is considered somewhat of a retro dessert/cake, but we think that it should make a proper comeback as it really is an absolute joy to eat! Read on for the recipe for our gluten-free Black Forest gateau...

  • Marzipan custard (dairy free, vegan)

    Vegan marzipan custard

    Looking for a dairy free, vegan custard? Then look no further. This one has a festive flavour with the addition of marzipan, which was absolutely delicious served with the vegan tipsy mincemeat orange-spiced crumble tarts that we sell in the bakery over the Christmas period. Read on for the recipe...

  • Gluten-free banana loaf (also dairy free)

    Gluten-free banana loaf

    While we'd happily tuck into a banana loaf any day of the year, there's something a just a little bit special about the smell of a banana loaf baking in the oven on a cold winter's day. This recipe uses our magical gluten-free flour blend and a dairy-free alternative to…

  • RECIPE: Gluten-free chocolate marzipan Easter Swiss roll

    Gluten-free chocolate Swiss roll recipe

    Originally written as an Easter baking recipe for the Evening Standard, you can make this gluten-free Swiss roll as is or adapt it for a different time of year by leaving out the Mini Eggs and marzipan and swapping the almond extract for vanilla.

  • RECIPE: Gluten-free death by chocolate stout cake

    Gluten-free chocolate stout cake recipe

    Make this deliciously decadent gluten-free chocolate stout cake with a cream cheese and white chocolate frosting using our recipe. We've picked our favourite chocolate stout for this cake - Wally Winker's Death By Chocolate from Westerham Brewery.

  • RECIPE: Teff pancake wraps with houmous, carrot and rocket

    Teff pancake wraps

    Teff flour is naturally gluten-free and a nutritional powerhouse. Traditionally used in Ethiopia to make inerja - a fermented pancake - we've created a quicker, non-fermented version to make delicious, nutritionally dense teff pancake wraps - perfect for quick and tasty lunches.

  • RECIPE: Gluten-free banana caramel cake

    Gluten-free banana caramel cake

    Take the classic, crowd-pleasing banana loaf to a whole new level with our gluten-free banana caramel layer cake. Grab yourself some overripe bananas and bake yourself happy with our easy-to-follow recipe.