Northamptonshire’s Surprise: The Year of Food and Drink 2019

As a food producer who is proud to be part of a thriving food and drink sector in Northamptonshire, it was an honour to play a part in a new campaign to celebrate, promote and raise awareness of all the great growers, producers and places to eat and drink in our county.

Northamptonshire: Year of Food and Drink is an initiative from Northamptonshire: Britain’s Best Surprise.  It was launched at Rockingham Castle on 4 April 2019.

The campaign’s aim is to increase tourism across the county by showcasing the many and varied things that Northamptonshire has to offer. In previous years, Northamptonshire: Britain’s Best Surprise has focused on our county’s historic stately homes and churches, but this year chose to celebrate the thriving food and drink industry which includes everything from micro businesses to multinationals.

It was great to be at the launch with many of our fellow Northamptonshire food and drink producers and it was the first time we got to see the promotional video, which includes our award-winning fruitilicious granola.

It was quite the moment when we saw our granola flowing from the jar and we had the biggest of grins about us 🙂

The video gives just a small taste of the incredible food and drink that is grown, produced and served in the county.  The Northamptonshire: Year of Food and Drink web page is there for you to explore locally produced food and drink and places to dine out.

We think Northamptonshire is *the* best county in Britain for food and drink. We hope you agree but if you don’t, then we hope you will take some time over the coming year to discover all things edible and suppable in Northamptonshire and will come to the same conclusion by the end of it!

xx Me xx