No eggs? No problem!

All you need to make a batch of squidgy banana muffins is a packet of our gluten-free banana muffin mix, plant-based spread, plant-based milk (we recommend soya milk), overripe bananas and cider vinegar.

This mix has been designed to be dairy and egg free so will not work as it should if you use butter or add eggs 😉

One pack of our gluten-free banana muffin mix will make 10-12 delicious muffins.


The Little Bakery of Happiness is a small [but perfectly formed] specialist gluten-free craft bakery. We produce handmade sweet and savoury treats from our bakery at Nene Court in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

Everything we bake is gluten-free and we do offer some dairy-free and vegan goodies, but please note that while our bakery is a controlled gluten-free environment and we do have strict cross-contamination controls in place when baking food that is dairy free and/or vegan, we do use milk, eggs and meat products on a daily basis.

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Weight .4 kg

Delivery information

Our gluten-free baking mixes are dispatched separately to our freshly baked chilled delivery products. Shipping costs are calculated by the weight of products in your basket and will incur a weight-based shipping charge of £6.99 up to 5kg and £8.50 up to 10kg.


Our gluten-free banana muffin mix does not contain any of the top 14 allergens. It is suitable for vegans as it does not require the addition of egg. We do recommend using SOYA milk.