Gluten-free xanthan gum is typically used in gluten-free baking to improve the structure, texture and longevity of baked goods that don’t contain gluten. It can also help to improve moisture retention (no more crumbly, disintegrating cakes!)
Many gluten-free flour blends have xanthan gum in them (including our magical gluten-free plain flour and self-raising flour blends) but many recipes for gluten-free breads. doughs and pastries call for addtional xanthan gum.Β  Add the quantities called for in the recipe you are following.
Each pouch contains 100g of xanthan gum.

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The Little Bakery of Happiness is a small [but perfectly formed] specialist gluten-free craft bakery. We produce handmade sweet and savoury treats from our bakery at Nene Court in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

Everything we bake is gluten-free and we do offer some dairy-free and vegan goodies, but please note that while our bakery is a controlled gluten-free environment and we do have strict cross-contamination controls in place when baking food that is dairy free and/or vegan, we do use milk, eggs and meat products on a daily basis.


Xanthan gum contains none of the top 14 allergens.


Xanthan gum (a flavourless, odourless creamy coloured powder) is a common ingredient found in gluten-free flours and baked goods – used to improve the structure, texture and longevity of baked goods that don’t contain gluten.

While it is not a direct replacement for gluten, it can help to improve the overall quality of gluten-free baking.

Xanthan gum is a hydrocolloid, which means that it helps to retain water (moisture) and binds with liquids to form a gel. Its ability to hold on to water is beneficial in gluten-free baking because gluten-free flours typically absorb more liquid than wheat flours, which is why gluten-free cakes and bakes can often be dry and crumbly if they are made by simply subbing the wheat flour for a gluten-free alternative.

We use a small amount of xanthan gum in both our magical plain and self-raising gluten-free flour blends, so if you are baking with one of our flours, you won’t need to add xanthan gum unless the recipe specifically calls for more.Β  Many recipes for gluten-free pastries, breads, cakes and cookies will call for the addition of xanthan gum.