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It’s here! The date the nation’s Bake Off super fans have been waiting [not so] patiently for…series 14 of The Great British Bake Off. Woot!

It kicks off tonight at 8pm on Ch4 and, in keeping with tradition, starts with cake week. I love a bit of cake, me 😍


So what’s in store for us at the start of the new series? There are rumours of…

The signature bake: vertical cakes (think precision and, may I wager, tedium).

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The technical bake: chocolate cakes (think decadence and timeless classics).

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The showstopper: sponge cakes and sugarpaste animals (think flashbacks to art classes at school and the trauma of being utterly rubbish at clay modelling).

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I was on Radio Northampton this morning chatting to Annabel about the new series.

They quite often have baking challenges among the breakfast team throughout the year. And their last Bake Off challenge was to recreate the coronation quiche back in the spring. So they started off this morning’s piece with a recap of that challenge…

On assessing the bakes, one of the judges remarked: “The coronation quiche is just not doing it for me.” To which came back, as quick as a flash, “Take it up with The King.” 🤣🤣🤣

If you’d like to hear that, and me talking about fish bits and mini sicks (I know, classy, right?), you can listen on BBC Sounds (scroll to 1hr:40mins in for the start of the piece).

See you on the sofa tonight at 8pm, cake forks at the ready 💕

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