For those of us living with coeliac disease or a gluten intolerance, gluten is very much a thing of our past. A gluten-free lifestyle is our present and our future.


After receiving my coeliac diagnosis, I don’t mind admitting that I felt more than a little despondent and mournful for all the delicious baked treats that I could no longer eat and somewhat underwhelmed by the free from aisles that I was now going to have to shop in. If this is you, I completely understand.

I very quickly realised that this wasn’t a helpful way for me to feel as it wasn’t going to change the way I needed to eat. It is very, very hard not to focus on all those things that we can’t eat. So I didn’t.

I threw myself into a self-taught bumpy road to learning to bake all those things I could no longer eat and to becoming a gluten-free baker. There were highs and lows, tears and tantrums and almost a pigeon obesity epidemic in my street from all the failed bakes I hurled into the garden (along with a few choice words to help them on their way!).

But eventually the successes far outweighed the failures and I was consistently turning out great tasting gluten-free food that even my gluten-munching friends and family approved of (and hailing from the north, this does mean they speak as they find 🙃).

I didn’t want to keep these successes to myself because I knew there were so many people like me out there going through the same emotions and missing the same foods and I wanted to be able to share what I had achieved with them. With you.

And so in 2013 I founded my little bakery so that I could spread the happiness that I had achieved in gluten-free baking. And here I am, ten years later with over 40 food awards to my name, still baking and still finding new ways to bring happiness into your life and home.


Bake Yourself Happy at Home® is my collection of tried and trusted gluten-free baking mixes and the award-winning gluten-free flour blend that we use across all our baking at The Little Bakery of Happiness. The collection has been created using all of my gluten-free baking experience and know-how to help you achieve success in your kitchen at home.

I want to help you become the best gluten-free baker you can be. I hope you will have fun along the way 💕

xx Me xx