Smiles all round with gluten-free food from The Little Bakery of Happiness

The Little Bakery of Happiness is a multi award-winning craft bakery-patisserie specialising in gluten-free food.

We are driven by a belief that good food should be shared, which is why everything we produce is not just safe for coeliacs but irresistible to people who don’t have to think about what they eat.

We produce small batch, handmade sweet treats for some of Northamptonshire’s finest coffee shops, restaurants, pubs and catering outlets. You can also find happiness in local independent farm shops, delis and wholefoods retailers.

We also sell a range of Bake Yourself Happy at Home® products, which include our award-winning gluten-free flour blend and a range of gluten-free baking mixes.

We look forward to baking you happy some time soon!

XX Millie, Marcus, Milo, Maddy and Me xx