We (that’s Millie, Marcus, Milo, Maddy and Me) have been baking delicious sweet and savoury treats for lovers of good food for some considerable time now. But if this is the first time you have come across us, you may not know where it all began…


Back in 2012, Vicky (that’s Me) was diagnosed with coeliac disease and started a lifelong commitment to a gluten-free diet. Horrified at the thought of never (or rarely) being able to eat sticky doughnuts, hot sausage rolls, freshly-baked bread and mountains of cake again, she set about teaching herself to bake gluten-free with little more than fierce determination and a passion for good food.

In the autumn of 2013, The Happy Little Cake Company was born, baking cakes, cupcakes, muffins and more for local customers in and around Northampton. In 2014, our legendary Marathon Maker Muffins were a double finalist in the Carlsberg UK Northamptonshire Food and Drink Awards and the exposure and interest gained from this beyond our locality meant a little rethink of our business in order to respond to the demand for our cakes.


At the beginning of 2015, Most Marvellous Baking was launched as a platform to sell our Great Taste Awards winning gluten-free flour blend and a range of other baking mixes, enabling people to whip up delicious gluten-free treats in their own kitchens using our tried-and-tested mixes and recipes.

Time and customer feedback have seen Most Marvellous Baking evolve, focusing more on ready-to-eat baked produce including our British Pie Awards winning pies and multi award-winning snacks, but still keeping a small number of ‘pantry products’ (such as our flour blends and pastry mixes).


Much has changed since our first batch of cupcakes went out of the door in 2013 but our passion for great food with provenance shines and twinkles as brightly now as it did all those years ago.  Our heads still fizz with ideas for new products and our hearts sing every time we conquer a new recipe and our lovely customers reward our hard work with huge smiles and repeat orders.  But our modest home kitchen was failing to cope with increasing demand and so a search for dedicated premises began.

We finally found a new home for our business in early 2019, which enabled us to increase our wholesale production and also open a small walk-in craft bakery-patisserie.  With this, we decided to bring everything together as The Little Bakery of Happiness and now have one website and one social media profile for the whole business.  Rest assured, you can still buy all your favourites from both The Happy Little Cake Company and Most Marvellous Baking!

In the spring of 2022, we relocated to new premises in rural west Northamptonshire to enable us to further grow the wholesale side of our business. We no longer have a walk-in bakery counter but instead offer a monthly delivery service across Northamptonshire and you can buy happiness from any of our stockists. To order gluten-free food for home delivery, visit our Deliver Me Happiness website.


Millie, Marcus, Milo and Maddy are the little characters who are the face of The Little Bakery of Happiness. It is often thought that they are my children. Or my pets. But they are neither of these. They are simply a figment of my imagination, brought to life by a very clever artist 🙃

And Me?

I’m at the heart of the business…developing the recipes, baking and delivering orders, doing the washing up, keeping the social media accounts up to date…you get the idea! And not forgetting Sharon, our trusty bakery assistant, who joined the team in 2021.

xx Millie, Marcus, Milo, Maddy and Me xx