Mmmmm, cookies.

Our double Belgian chocolate cookie baking kit is the perfect present for the cookie-loving baking enthusiast in your life.

Mix, chill, roll and bake your way to happiness 🙂

Our cookie baking kit contains all the dry ingredients you need, a simple set of instructions and our top tips for tip top cookies!

This baking kit makes a great little baking project to make with mini bakers 🙃

Bake a batch of deliciously buttery, decadently chocolatey cookies with our double Belgian chocolate cookie baking kit.

Inside the box you will find all the dry ingredients needed and a set of simple instructions to follow.  You will then need to add just a couple of wet ingredients. Then you will be all set to bake yourself a batch of irresistibly chewy and gooey chocolate cookies.

Simply mix, chill, roll and bake. It really is that simple to Bake Yourself Happy at Home®!

To achieve that perfect combination of gooeyness through the middle with crispy edges, our cookie recipe blends a combination of the finest Belgian chocolate flakes and chunks with just the right amount of egg and melted butter.

Our double Belgian chocolate cookie baking kit is gluten-free and suitable for coeliacs.

Kit contents: Belgian milk and white chocolate flakes, Belgian milk and white chocolate chunks, gluten-free flour and raising agents, sugar, baking instructions and top tips for baking the perfect cookies.

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The ingredients in our double Belgian cookie baking kit include the following top 14 allergens:


Additionally, EGG is required to make and bake the cookie dough.


The Little Bakery of Happiness is a small [but perfectly formed] specialist gluten-free craft bakery. We produce handmade sweet and savoury treats from our bakery at Elkington Lodge in Welford, Northamptonshire.

Everything we bake is gluten-free and we do offer some dairy free and plant-based / vegan treats, but please not that while our bakery is a controlled gluten-free environment and we do have strict cross contamination controls in place when baking food that is dairy free and/or vegan, we do use milk, egg and meat products on a daily basis.