Use our gluten-free sweet pastry mix to make all sorts of delicious shortcrust pastry pies, quiches and savoury pastry nibbles.

Half a packet of our sweet pastry mix made up with the instructions will yield a pastry ball weighing approximately 400g.

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Use our gluten-free sweet pastry mix to Bake Yourself Happy at Home®.  Bake scrumptious shortcrust pastry pies, tarts and sweet pastry snacks and nibbles.

The only limit on its use is your imagination!  But if you’re looking for some inspiration, then why not check out our recipes section.

It takes just minutes to make a ball of truly scrumptious and gloriously gluten-free pastry using our mix – you simply add fat, egg and milk.

You should allow your pastry to rest/chill in the fridge for a minimum of one hour before rolling out.  If you can leave it even longer, you will get even better results when rolling/handling the pastry.

We always recommend rolling your pastry between two sheets of clingfilm so that the structure of the pastry is not altered by the addition of flour for dusting.

Following the on-pack instructions, you can choose to make up the whole packet to yield a pastry ball of roughly 800g or weigh out half the contents (220g) to make a pastry ball of roughly 400g.

We also have a gluten-free savoury pastry mix for all your savoury baking needs 🙂

Happy baking!



The Little Bakery of Happiness is a small [but perfectly formed] specialist gluten-free craft bakery. We produce handmade sweet and savoury treats from our bakery at Elkington Lodge in Welford, Northamptonshire.

Everything we bake is gluten-free and we do offer some dairy-free and vegan goodies, but please note that while our bakery is a controlled gluten-free environment and we do have strict cross-contamination controls in place when baking food that is dairy free and/or vegan, we do use milk, eggs and meat products on a daily basis.


Our gluten-free sweet pastry mix contains none of the top 14 allergens.

It does, however, require the addition of EGG, butter (MILK) and MILK.

The mix will not work as intended if you make any substitutions. Please follow the instructions provided 🙂