Our hand-blended gluten-free self-raising flour has been developed and put through its paces by Vicky so that you can Bake Yourself Happy at Home®.

We source and blend a magical mix of gluten-free flours so that you don’t have to.

Our gluten-free flour blend is the same flour we use in all our multi award-winning professional baking.

Each pack of flour contains 500g.

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Our magical gluten-free self-raising flour blend is perfect to use when you want to Bake Yourself Happy at Home®

We use this flour in our baking every day at The Little Bakery of Happiness. The flour was developed by me, Vicky (owner of The Little Bakery of Happiness) back in the early days of the bakery’s development. It is tried and tested and produces consistently great results in gluten-free baking.

With our extensive baking knowledge and experience, we know that you need a range of different gluten-free flours to make a great blend. We also know that not everyone has the space in their kitchen to store lots of different flours. Happily, we do! So we put all of this together to bring you our magical flour blend for baking at home.

But don’t just take our word for it that our magical flour blend is a great flour for gluten-free baking. I mean, we would say that, wouldn’t we? Well it’s not just us because in 2017, the judges at The Great Taste Awards awarded our flour a gold star of excellence. Happy days 🙂

We sell both gluten-free plain flour and gluten-free self-raising flour, which you can use to make cakes, cookies, biscuits and more. We do not recommend using our magical gluten-free plain flour to make gluten-free bread.

Check out some of the gluten-free recipes we have written for you, which use our gluten-free flour.


The Little Bakery of Happiness is a small [but perfectly formed] specialist gluten-free craft bakery. We produce handmade sweet and savoury treats from our bakery at Elkington Lodge in Welford, Northamptonshire.

Everything we bake is gluten-free and we do offer some dairy-free and vegan goodies, but please note that while our bakery is a controlled gluten-free environment and we do have strict cross-contamination controls in place when baking food that is dairy free and/or vegan, we do use milk, eggs and meat products on a daily basis.


Our gluten-free magical self-raising flour blend contains none of the top 14 allergens.